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About Us

The Formula for Success

The Data-Driven Process

The 5 Brand Pillars

About Us

Our Process

The Formula for Success

We develop a custom, multi-tiered formula for your company’s growth and success based on data. Reneka connects your brand to the target audience, challenging competitors with authentic campaigns that are perfectly designed for your goals. No two clients are the same. Everything we do is unique. Customer engagement and acquisition are our benchmarks.

New to the market? Our team leadership and technical marketers know how to make your brand stand out. We perform deep-dive research and exploration to identify brand values and strengths that drive your success. Our brand strategists collaborate directly with you to develop optimized messaging that resonates, so your business attracts high-value customers.

The Data-Driven Process.

The Data-Driven Process-Build it BOLD

The Reneka team uses a numbers-first approach to marketing: where is your company now, and where do you want to go? We design high-level solutions based on your specific goals and competitive market research. We add perfectly curated media to embolden your brand. Fresh websites, robust cloud applications, enlivened campaigns, outside-the-box brands, buzzing socials, relevant blogs, dynamic broadcasts- whatever you need –we build it bold to attract an audience.

We distill a highly concentrated brand strategy into whole media solutions to enhance your brand transformation and accelerate upward growth.

What makes us unique is our methodology in building an outstanding strategic campaign with the use of our proprietary tools and reports. We set key performance indicators (KPIs) for businesses and adjust campaigns as needed to meet or exceed goals. We work where you work: technology, finance, non-profit, cybersecurity, healthcare, legal, real estate – whatever your sector is, we can help.

The 5 Brand Pillars​.

The 5 Brand Pillars- A Foundational, Creative Strategy

At Reneka, we like to start with conversation. We really want to know you and hear your story. Understanding your vision helps us create an outstanding digital strategy that amplifies and empowers your company.

We begin to lay the groundwork for our five main pillars of service: branding, SEO optimized websites, cloud applications, broadcasts, and content distribution.

Branding - Embolden your Brand

We skillfully develop or revitalize your brand. We work on any scale – from mini-creative exploration to full and complete rebrands, we have the talent and experience to boost your brand in a competitive market. Our custom brand packages are designed to meet your needs.

SEO Websites - Explore Website Services

To build the best search engine optimized (SEO) website, our team drills down into the industry to uncover key insights and analytics that shape the messaging of your website. From simple landing page design to a full scope custom build with SEO, our experts create beautiful websites that reflect your brand and increase customer conversion

Cloud Applications - Elevate to Cloud Functionality

Our developers elevate your website with Cloud functionality. As customers embrace the Cloud, our expertise as an AWS partner certified agency helps create fully integrated cloud and mobile applications. Take advantage of efficient and scalable solutions that leverage your company’s existing infrastructure, workforce, and security compliance standards. We utilize proprietary software libraries that are customizable to suit your needs so that you reach your ideal customers faster and better.

Broadcasts - Expand your Network

In today’s remote world, live or recorded broadcasting and hybrid events have never been more important to media plans. We help your company reach multiple platforms (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) and build authentic connections through professional broadcasting that inspires consumers to engage.

Content Distribution - Enhance your Media

We identify the best social media channels for your target audience. Our content creation team presents a comprehensive digital strategy that taps into effective engagement to generate valuable leads. We specially curate professionally written blog content and email marketing campaigns that are relevant and engaging, bringing more customers to your website.